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 Ingame Rules

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PostSubject: Ingame Rules   Ingame Rules Icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2007 10:31 pm

Well i made this now cause i see ppl are curious about how we gonna deal ingame

CWH:-Everyone will have to support clan by adding usefull stuff in cwh as posible
-All full drops obtained by clan party will be placed in CWH if no one need em in that moment
-IMPORTANT:Everyone will have to add some of theyr money in cwh cause otherwise we wont be able to deal with raising clan lvl and other features that a clan can provide.
-Only C grade+ items will be placed in CWH since we dont wanna fill it with junk
-Materials are very welcomed in cwh .As about spoilers(spoils made with clan party will be also placed there)
-If some1 needs something from CWH will ask me or one of Co-Leaders and we will consider ifu must have it.
-Everyone will have acces(watch) to CWH so u can consult it with esential things that u mith need.

Raids/Sieges:-All online players will have to participate when having a raid party or a siege so that we can deal with it!!
-Everyone has to listen and try not making heroic acts because a single thing like that could ruin everything(we will just avoid failures)
-Raid drops gonna be placed in CWH if noone needs them in that moment(so wont be fk will be"who need it get it")
-As about Tvts during raid parties/sieges everyone has to stay on guard and strong on theyr feets before atacking oposants:)
-Raids gonna be leaded by Clan Leader(me) or Co-Leaders/if neither of us is online and some of u wanna raid make sure u know how to do it and ..well gl:).

IMPORTANT!!!! Everyone must be patient about theyr character dont blame some1 if u dont get a drop even tho u need it cause there mith be more ppl who need em(will be random sharing,everyone will have what he/she needs sooner or later).
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Ingame Rules
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