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 who dont know about Intr.

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who dont know about Intr. Empty
PostSubject: who dont know about Intr.   who dont know about Intr. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2007 1:27 pm


1. The highest A grade weapons have been added. Required SA crystals are level 12.

2. ETC.
You can store items can't be traded or dropped into warehouse.
Mental Recovery Potion Reuse time has been reduced to 5 mins.
Mental Recovery Potion and Life Recovery Potion shares resue time. Therefore, after use of Life Recovery Potion, Mental/Life Recovery Potions can't be used in 5 mins.
Shortcut window will display reuse delay of Recovery Potions.

[Reflected Weapon (?)]

To help Character level up, Reflected Weapons have been added.

1. Attributes
Reflected Weapons have same abality and appearance as existing weapons, but its durability is limited and its lifetime is limited.
When durability of weapon is zero, it disappears.
When equips item, durability decreases, when unequips, durability doesn't decreases any more.
Caution :when equip/unequip too many times, durability decreases faster.
Reflected weapons can't be moved by trade, drop, freight service. Private Warehouse service is possible.
Reflected weapons can't be enchanted, refined, bestowed SA, crystalized.

2. Purchase Way
Reflected weapons have various D,C,B grade weapons.
When you complete occupation change quest, you get exchange certificate of Reflected weapon. D grade exchange certificate for 1st class occupation and C grade for 2nd class occupation.
Exchange Certificate can't trade, drop, private store sale.
When you meet GrandMaster NPC with exchange certificate, you obtain Reflected weapon as reward.
C, B grade weapons can be purchased from weapon store NPC of town by paying adena.
Only min. lvl40 PCs can purchase Reflected weapon. Depends on PCs level, purchasable weapon lists differ.


1. New Quests

1) Mini Game Quest
- Let's Card Game - lvl61 req. repeatable Starting NPC is Clump of Aden Town.
- Temptation Whisper - lvl50 req. repeatable Starting NPC is Wilbert of Aden Town
2) Clan Reputation Quest
- Clan, earns reputation - clan level 5 req. repeatable earns reputation by capturing Tyrannosaurus. Starting NPC is Baldeith of Rune Town.
3) Raid Boss 'Siren' Quest
- Encounter with El Croquis - lvl75 req. Non-Repeatable, First quest of Siren quest, meet Marques NPC in dock of Primitive Island.
- In the name of furious(?) god part1- lvl76 req. Non-Repeatable, meet Musika NPC at South Island of Primitive Island.
- In the name of furious(?) god part2- lvl77 req. Non-Repeatable, meet Asama NPC at South Island of Primitive Island.
- Charge into Siren- lvl77 req. Repeatable, Need to complete all three quests above, Find Shilen's Statue in lost nest of Primitive Island
4) Capture Weapon Obtain Quest
- Proof of El Croquis Hunter - lvl75 req. Non-Repeatable meet Marques in dock of Primitive Island.
5) ETC Quest
- Toward Primitive Island - lvl75 req. Non-Repeatable, introduces Primitive Island. meet Anton of Rune Town.
- Rise and Fall of El Croquis Tribe Life - lvl75 Repeatable, Hunt Dinosaurs in Primitive Island and get New A grade Weapon Blades. meet singsing in dock of Primitive Island.
- Defeat Assault Troop of El Croquis - lvl75 Repeatable, Depeat villains pillaging warehouses of dock of Primitive Island and get reward from Warehouse manager. meet Dindin in dock of Primitive Island.
- Research of Ancient Powerful Creatures - lvl75 Repeatable, Hunt Dinosaurs in Primitive Island and earn new A grade weapon recipe as reward. meet Dindin in dock of Primitive Island.

2. Changes of Existing Quests
- Enhance your Weapon
Monsters can upgrade lvl11,12 SA were added.
New monsters are Siren and Tyrannosaurus, One party member whose party give the last damage get SA in random chance.
When PC obtain lvl11-13 SAs, surround all PCs in certain range will be informed by System Message.
When complete occupation change quest, exchange certificate of Reflected Weapon will be rewarded. Exchange Certificate of D grade Reflected weapon for 1st class change finish and Exchange Certificate of C grade Reflected weapon for 2nd class change finish.
Exchange certificate of Reflected weapon can't be traded, dropped, and make private store.
lvl80 PCs can't start Sin Eater Quest. lvl80 PCs need to change their subclass and start this quest.
PCs will perform special social action once they finish class change quest or special quest.


1. Raid, Boss Monster
Movable Raid Monster 'Gordon' was added in Goddard Area.
Gordon will attack PC who equips Zariche or Akamanagh.
Some Raid monster's appearance and movement speed have changed.
- HP/PDef/MDef has been decreased
- will have archery resistance. But, no big differences since nerf of PDef.
- Earth Dragon Antharas will have new appearance.
- Difficulty of Antharas Raid will differ depends on total number of Raid groups.
- Reward of Antharas Raid will differ depends on Difficulty of Raid.
- Minions of Antharas were added.
- Number of Minions of Antharas will differ depends on total number of Raid groups.
- When you kill minion of Antharas, you will obtain useful recovery items.

2. Below monsters were readjusted to lvl80s. But Rewards are same as before.
Pagan Temple, Monastery of Silence, Imperial Tomb, Forge of Gods, Rift of Dimensions, Ketra/Varka Stronghold.


Existing Raid Channel has been changed to Alliance Channel
Party info window has been added in alliance channel. It shows each party members.
Without clanskill clan emprium, Alliance Channel can be created and invited by [Strategy Handbook] item.
Larpin of Ivory Tower sells [Strategy Handbook].
When Raids of Raid monster and Boss monster, Leader whose alliance attack first raid monster obtains priority of looting items. (System Message will inform which Alliance Channel Leader has been authorized.)
To obtain prior looting of Raid/Boss monster;
* Raid Monster : more than 18 mebers of alliance channel
* Boss Monster (Ant Queen, Zaken, Orfen, Core) : more than 36 mebers of alliance channel
When Raid/Boss monsters go back to normal mode (non-Battle mode) and 5 mins pass, Rooting authority changes to Norman rooting. However, When other alliance succeeds the same Raid monster before rooting mode changes, the rooting authority will be retained to the previous alliance.
Party info window displays each party member and their class, and when double-click party member, can target him/her.
In alliance channel, 'content refresh' button that refresh info of alliance member(number of party, total number of members)was added.
Alliance channel info window can be minimized.
Alliance channel chats will be displayed in normal chat window.
Orders of commander will be displayed in right bottom of screen as Screen Message.
Related commands are below (use ` key next to number 1 on keyboard)
a. chat with each party leaders : ` [message]
b. leader order : `` [message]
In chat filtering option box below chat window scrolls, click ' do not show alliance commander order', messages won't show any more.


Duel system has been added regardless of location. There are 1 vs 1 and party vs party duels.

1. Attribute
PCs can proceed duel without chaotic system rule.
PCs can duel without level gaps.
When defeated, no penalty (debuff, exp penalty).
When duel ends normally, PC's CP will recover up to 100% and HP/MP up to 50%.

2. Duel Process
a. 1 vs 1 Duel
type '/duelrequest(?)' or click 'duelrequest' icon in action window.
When opponent's HP becomes 1, win duel.
If doesn't want to receive duelrequest, check 'refuse duel request' in option window of game menu.
Duel lasts 2 mins.
a. party vs party Duel
type '/partyduelrequest(?)'
Only party leader can request party duel, but target doesn't matter whether he/she is leader or not.
When opponent's party accept duel request, both of party members will be transported to Party Duel Arena.
If doesn't want to receive duel request, Party leader needs to check 'refuse duel request' in option window of game menu.
Duel lasts 5 mins.
In duel, all Skills and Items related to return, SOE, BSOE can't be used.

3. Improper condition of duel request
When you meet any one of condition below, party duel request/accept can't be done.
when opponent is in combat/duel, purple, Cahotic
when participates in olympiad
when opens private store or craft shop
when HP/MP is 50% below or dead
when participate siege
when request duel to same party member
when you are in the zone when you can't restart
when you are in siege field
when you are too far away from target PC
when all the party duel arena are booked
when you are in clan war
when you are in peace zone or battle zone

4. Caution
When party is in alliance channel and request/accept party duel, party will leave alliance channel automatically.
When party opens party matching window and request/accept party duel, party matching window will be closed.
When party member in process of trade and transport to party duel arena, trade will be cancled.
When duel finishes abnormally or forcedly, PC's HP/MP/CP don't recover.

5. condition of forced duel finish
when type '/duelsurrender' command in duel
when distance of each is too far (when target window disappears)
when PC enters zone of non-battle area after duel starts
When PC in duel attacks the other PC not in duel


1. Mini Map
When you click 'enlarge map' button in map window(alt+M), Map will be maximized to full window.
5 maps of dungeons located in noob town were added. When enters those dungeons, dungeon map appear by opening map window. (Abandoned Mine, Cave of Trial, Elven Fortress, Elven Ruins, Dark Arts Research Center)
Can track down Zariche/Akamanagh. When both weapons are in same location, Skull types icon will be displayed.

2. party member status window
Party window option was added;which located in left of party member status window and can be minized/maximized.
Can adjust 'see party members buff, see debuff, close buff/debuff' by clicking existing party member buff button

3. Screen Message
In various channel, Screen message can be displayed.
Server down message or duel request message will be displayed in Screen Message.

[Seven Sign]

Some layout of entrance of seven sign dungeon has been changed. (Catacomb of the Apostate, Catacomb of the Heretic, Catacomb of the Forbidden Path)
When dawn obtains seal of strife, dusk can't summon siege golem, Wild Hog Cannon, Swoop Cannon.
When dusk obtains seal of strife or none obtains seal of strife, Siege summon can be used (same as before)


The ability of Nephilim Mercenary has been increased greatly when dawn can deploy with seal of strife possession.
HP of Wild Hog Cannon increased.


Arena of Colosseum has been changed same as normal field. Therefore free PVP can't be done anymore. Please use other arena.
When olympiad starts after starting count, CP,MP,HP will be recovered one more time. (good news for DC and OL I guess)
Some Noblesse teleport Coordinates have been relocated.
When get hit by monster or PC without any targetting, it will be automatically targetted to those monster or PC (When you target some monster/PC already, this won't work.)
System Message Window has been moved to chat option window.
When activate automatic soul shots and move this icoss to other shortcut window, automatic soul shots will be deactivated.
Some waste of pet food have been decreased.
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Wannabee Pro
Wannabee Pro

Posts : 33
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who dont know about Intr. Empty
PostSubject: Re: who dont know about Intr.   who dont know about Intr. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2007 1:48 pm
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who dont know about Intr. Empty
PostSubject: Re: who dont know about Intr.   who dont know about Intr. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2007 3:00 pm

I think most of us know all this Smile But still thanks for info source
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who dont know about Intr. Empty
PostSubject: Re: who dont know about Intr.   who dont know about Intr. Icon_minitime

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who dont know about Intr.
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